About The Molotov Literacy Project

The Molotov Literacy Project is a new initiative to support and promote adult literacy.

Adult Literacy - A Crisis in the US:
   - 71% of Americans over the age of 16 read below an eighth grade level.
   - 43% of those with the lowest literacy rates live in poverty.
   - Two out of three adults with low literacy skills are women.
   - Uneducated young women are 4 times more likely to have a child before age 19.
   - 75% of state prison inmates and 59% of federal inmates are classified as low literate.
   - A 1% increase in average literacy rate can yield a 1.5% permanent increase in the GDP.

From the youngest ages, reading skills are taught by following along with text and reading aloud.  Learning readers recognize words by sight and by sound, and in the process incrementally develop the other necessary skills for literacy.  This eye-ear training is even more effective with adults, who have already gained some comprehension skills.


In a 2010 project presented to the School of Education at San Diego State University:

   - 67% of students who read accompanied by an audiobook improved their STAR reading grade equivalent score.

   - Averaged reading abilities increased seven months in reading comprehension levels after just four weeks.

   - 84% of students reported audiobooks helped comprehension, reading pace, pronunciation and word knowledge.

   - A 100% increase of all student’s motivation toward reading books as measured in the AMRP survey.

The Molotov Literacy Project publishes eBooks and produces theatrically enhanced audiobooks from the texts of classic and modern horror themed novels.  Downloads of these ebooks and listen-along audio books are then donated to various adult literacy programs and their adult readers.

We also offer eBooks and Audiobooks from our Classic Horror Series and our Modern Horror Series for purchase and download through our on-line bookstore.  Proceeds from the Molotov Distribution Bookstore benefit charities that support adult literacy programs.

Please visit the Molotov Distribution Bookstore and help make a difference to improve adult literacy.

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Email us for more information on The Molotov Literacy Project: info@molotovliteracyproject.org