The SeeNoSun Literacy Project - Our Partners
ProLiteracy believes that a safer, stronger, and more sustainable society starts with an educated adult population.  For more than 50 years they have worked with organizations across the globe to create a world where everyone can read and write.
Chilling Tales For Dark Nights
A premiere horror-themed audiobook and short horror film YouTube channel with 5+ million accumulated video views.  Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is dedicated to bringing radio theater back from the dead and making your nightmares come true!

Ghastly Tales
Ghastly Tales delivers all the frights, scares, and occasional laughs that a horror fan could want.  Terrifying stories,films and content to make you fear the dark and be glad for the light.

Kevin MacLeod has composed 2,000 pieces of music and made them available for download. His music has been used in millions of YouTube videos and is credited in over 1,500 films on IMDB.